Fall Recognition Events

The central program staff visited each University Partner campus for the annual Fall Recognition Events.

The purpose of Fall Recognition is to hear directly from each Schaeffer Fellow about key takeaways from the summer internship and to acknowledge their public service. Fellows also receive a recognition certificate and a program gift for their work and contribution to public service.

After Fall Recognition, Schaeffer Fellows are officially welcomed into the alumni community. All alumni are invited to participate in continued professional development and opportunities to remain connected to the Schaeffer Fellows program.

University of Southern California

Pictured left to right: Vincent Cisneros, Willa Erickson (staff), Erica Lovano McCann (staff), Nina Nguyen, Nivea Krishnan, Samantha Sorsby-Jones, Dominique Sardinas, Rediet Retta, Leonard Schaeffer, & Sophia Perez


Harvard University

Pictured: Grace O’Sullivan, Joel Crawford, Christine Li, & Joseph Hernandez


Princeton University

Pictured: River Reynolds, Izabela Konopka, Christofer Robles


U.C. Berkeley

Pictured: Ruby Chan-Frey, Mckenzie Diep, Brayan Ramos, Ariana Kretz, Chloe Park, Anahi Ruvalcaba, & Sofia Greenwald


University of Virginia

Pictured: Christian Meloni, Caleb Kuo, Patrick Lambrecht, Eli Le, & Sofia Marrero