A specialized educational curriculum distinguishes the Leonard D. Schaeffer Fellows in Government Service program from other internship opportunities by providing professional development and networking opportunities while fostering camaraderie and interaction for all Schaeffer Fellows. Designed to foster the development of Schaeffer Fellows and connect them with well-regarded government and private sector leaders, the development activities highlighted here are customized to support undergraduate students still early on in their career exploration. Our curriculum is developed annually in cooperation with the Partnership for Public Service.

  • Leadership lessons  – advice for young leaders beginning to navigate their careers.
  • Cross-sector collaboration – how leaders work together across sectors to achieve policy goals.
  • Reflection – discussing Fellows’ experiences and how to lead from their level and communicate effectively in the workplace.
  • Transferring experience – building on the fellowship experience and translating skills developed in future careers.
  • Pre-orientation with Mr. Schaeffer, the Partnership for Public Service & guest speakers
  • Bi-weekly professional development sessions hosted by the Partnership for Public Service
  • Regional dinners with Mr. Schaeffer, mentors, internship supervisors, program alumni, and more
  • Schaeffer Fellow Summits on each coast