“… every day offers the chance of a new experience.”Heather Brown, Harvard University, Senator Jeanne Shaheen

“While in Sacramento, I was able to further grow my professional network, interacting with government officials, lobbyists, and constituents. The countless informational interviews I sought out throughout the summer were amazing, and getting to gain insight into the work environments of professionals throughout the area was a great way to tailor my own professional goals and interests.”

Rick Keaton, University of Southern California
Assemblymember Lorena Gonzalez Fletcher (CA)

The work environment was friendly, collegial, and supportive. I was definitely included in the professional life of the division and got to meet most of my colleagues.

Oliver Zhu, Princeton University
Federal Trade Commission

Overall, this has been one of the best experiences I have had in my educational career. I have had [a] chance to learn so much and speak to so many people.

Sneha Mehta, University of California, Berkeley
Department of Health Care Services

This internship helped me develop my practical interest in sustainability. I worked on everything related to turning a business sustainable: from the type of cleaning products used to policy that affects transportation to and from work. It was a fantastic way to learn about the environmental landscape around me.

Morgan Buckley, University of Southern California
Los Angeles Green Business Program

“There will always be something fascinating to learn about how Congress functions and the work that NASA does, and engaging in similar activities on campus was a great start… Members of the [NASA team] have been very open to answering questions about their career experiences, which is something I have certainly valued and gained a lot from.”

Laura Doherty, Harvard University
Office of Legislative & Intergovernmental Affairs at NASA

During my fellowship I bonded with my Preceptor and office staff, which made my experience enjoyable… Some of my proudest accomplishments are building a strong relationship with several constituents… and leaving the office in good standing.

Guadalupe Cervantes, UC Berkeley
Office of Congressperson Raul Ruiz (CA)

I felt… like an employee of the city whose decisions mattered… I was able to experience local government and industry I had been interested in, from the inside and meet people who were extremely passionate and skilled in their jobs.

Jack Romero, University of Southern California
L.A. Mayor’s Office – Economic Development

“There is a nearly infinite amount of work an intern could do… I went into [the Environmental Protection Division] without much background on environmental issues and… I got to tackle subjects such as antibiotic resistance from farm animals, asbestos in buildings, lead exposure of children, and deceptive advertising claims of businesses… The internship at the AGO is a great first step to pursuing an interest in law.”

Melvin Woo, Harvard University
Energy & Environment Bureau, Office of the Massachusetts Attorney General

I felt that the internship was educationally enriching in that I got a better sense of how our legislative body operates and was able to explore diverse interests by attending different briefings. I think the strength of this program is that you are surrounded by people making decisions that ultimately affect the way our country is run.

Mary Kate McDonough, Princeton University
Congressperson Jared Polis (CO-2)